The Musings of Kindly Old Dr Noyes

The Noyes Lab Rules

  1. If it sounds like more work, its probably the right thing to do.
  2. When in doubt, see rule 1.
  3. Always use a master mix...always.
  4. Always run a "no insert" ligation control...always.
  5. Two fold differences are meaningless in biology, except when they aren't.
  6. Attention to detail is the difference between success and struggle.
  7. When you try to do everything, you do nothing.
  8. A little Voodoo never hurts.
  9. What would Bob Sauer do?
  10. The Zif268 rule: The best-case scenario is not always the best control.
  11. Prepare for failure, enjoy success.
  12. A healthy dose of paranoia is a scientist's best friend.
  13. Great results start with great reagents.
  14. Dream big.
  15. Repeat.

Make the night work for you

In biology there is almost always something that can be done at night.  Starting a culture, plating some bacteria or yeast, setting up a PCR reaction that runs and holds over night, are just some examples. Making sure the night is working for you is like giving yourself a vacation.

Musings of David Botstein

 I remember David saying once at Princeton, "I wish my people would stop working, go home and take a bath or a walk and just think about their work.  I think they would improve their research more with that approach than trying to work 24 hours a day."

After a couple cocktails...

One thing that really impresses me in a Scientist is when they can get seriously amped up about a result published in direct competition with their work.  Its hard to do. We all want to succeed and with careers on the line it is often difficult to remember we are in this together, comrades in the pursuit of knowledge and your advance is my advance. In a world where some seem to be pitting everyone against everyone else, lets not lose sight of this and get ultra competitive. Where’s the fun in that anyway?  Might as well be stockbrokers.

The success of a teacher should always be measure by the accomplishments of their students.